Celebrating of Semnan province Exportes- Azar, 1395

گچ متین

According to report of public relations of Chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture of Semnan, commemoration ceremony of Semnan province exporters was held in Hall of the chamber of Semnan.

Headmaster of the Chamber of Semnan

Exporters neither saw the export encouragement nor its optimized effects.

Headmaster of the Chamber of Semnan considered attempts of judicial protection committee in investing of Semnan province and said: ‘the Chamber of Semnan and other committee members had held organized meetings in the fprmat of this committee and could provide useful services for economic active members’.

Mr.Jomeie considered cooperation of private sector with goverman very important and said: ‘Today we came to celebrate and acknowledge the exporters and we just demand that provisions of resistive economy are being implemented.’

He mentioned that stopping the export encouragements and other excutive items of exports is effected on exporters’ behavior and added: ‘Exportes neither saw the export encouragement nor its optimized effects’. The headmaster of the Chamber of Semnan said: ‘All the body of production units of the Chamber of Semnan is private sector and there are little governmental units in this province.

Mr.Jomeie evaluated that increase of exports depends on added value and said: ‘creating added value and making money (wealth) is the aim of all exporters and the exporter is concerned employment.

The headmaster of the Chamber of Semnan requested the cohesion of private sector and restated: ‘private sector demand of government is unison and unity strategy in economic issues.

This economic active member continued: ‘private sector can not solve the diplomacy problems, disruptive business rules and othe related problems, but can achieve ahead goals means economic boom by offering the accurate solution and appropriate rail investment.

 Executive of Shahrood cement company exporting mineral products

Miners’ most problem is transportation.

In the following, Mr.Gashtasbi , exporter and executive of Shahrood cement company, considered the servicing of banks to exporters ineffective and said: ‘the operating banks have different branches abroad, despite of existence of  branch of these banks in target country, the exporter can not accomplish financial transactions confidently and without hard bureaucracy.

He represented the miners’ most problem is transportation and added: ‘the value of mineral goods compared to transportation cost has near comparison and the more increasing of transportation cost, in practice the more increasing prime cost for buyers obviously and it’s continued until the exports don’t have economic justification.

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