Tosee Matin Gypsum Company


About us

Tosee Matin Gypsum Company has produced the constructional and industrial gypsum with an area of about 20,000 square meters located in one of the largest regions of gypsum manufacturing in the Middle East and having one of the large mines with 99% purity.


In addition to develop the market, promote its services for the customers and other stakeholders and satisfy them, Tosee Matin Gypsum Company is determined to implement the trend of the continuous improvement of organizational processes realized and be one of the largest manufacturers of gypsum industry in the Middle East.

Mission Statement

Relying on its skillful employees and brilliant performance records, the company attempted to preserve the environment, take the safety policies for the workplace and promote increasingly and recognizes the value creation for the customers and other stakeholders as the essence of all its activities.

گچ متین


The unique quality of the products of Tosee Matin Gypsum Company caused most of the products export to abroad the country. Micronized pure, Dorsa Arabic, pure (Siva) and pure (Satin) in which the most modern technologies are used, are among the most popular export products of the company.

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